Protecting Our Seniors

It is difficult to fully comprehend the tragic toll that COVID-19 has had on our seniors.   Long-term care facilities such as nursing homes accounted for nearly 60% of all coronavirus-related deaths in Massachusetts.  However, this statistic only tells part of the story.  Many of our seniors are living on their own, either at home or in an independent-living community.  These seniors have largely been overlooked by the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 response but remain some of our most vulnerable citizens.  

Jason believes that our next State Representative should take an active role in protecting our seniors from premature deaths due to COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases.  As the former Legislative Director to the Senate Committee on Public Safety, Jason investigated scandals in the Sex Offender Registry Board and the Department of Corrections and organized legislative oversight hearings that led to substantive changes at these agencies.  Jason will push for an investigation into why the Commonwealth has failed our seniors during the COVID-19 crisis and will fight for changes in policy to protect our most vulnerable population.