Supporting Our Schools, Teachers & Working Families

Parents with school-age children have suddenly found themselves working from home and balancing a busy workday with the needs of their children.  Remote learning has complicated the teacher-student connection and thrust unwilling parents into the role of educator.  As school districts struggle with developing a reopening plan, parents are slowly being called back into the office.  If schools do not reopen in the Fall, working parents may be faced with a dilemma: keep their job or stay home with the kids.

As the father of a son in middle school, Jason understands the daily struggle that parents who juggle work and homeschooling face.  Jason strongly supports our teachers and knows that a good teacher can make a permanent positive impact on the lives of his or her students.  Ultimately, teachers are in the best position to teach our children and our children belong in school.  As State Representative, Jason will urge school administrators to devise a plan that will keep our teachers and students safe while ensuring that working parents can make a living and support their families.